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DN-47103-1 DIGITUS



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Model: DN-47103-1

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The DIGITUS® Edge System A6-1 is a full-fledged micro data center. It is suitable for installation in clean and well-ventilated rooms in the IT server environment

  • The Edge System A6-1 is designed for a maximum installed ICT load of 3 kW
  • The 42 rack unit server cabinet comes in protection class IP20, dimensions: 600 x 1000 x 2050 mm (WxDxH)
  • 40 rack units are available for the installation of additional devices
  • A double converter UPS system with a nominal capacity of 3 kVA safeguards the system against 10 common network errors
  • The thermal load is emitted into the room through perforated doors

In the Edge System A6-1, the following components are combined to form a homogeneous micro data center. Server cabinet: The standardized 19” server cabinet with a gross height of 42 rack units allows for variable installation of all standardized ICT components and comes in protection class IP20. Access to the inside of the cabinet is secured using a mechanical locking system. Optional accessories such as cable management ensure tidy and clean cable routing inside the cabinet. Main power distributor: The devices installed in the cabinet are supplied with power via a single-phase 32A cable. UPS: The Edge System A6-1 protects the installed devices against numerous network disruptions thanks to a top-class 3kVA UPS (VFI, Voltage and Frequency Independent). The installed batteries offer protection for roughly 5 minutes, this protection can be extended through optional battery expansions. Cooling: The thermal load is emitted into the room through perforated doors. Integration: Depending on the customer’s requirements, the DIGITUS® Edge System A6 is available for delivery as a “bundle” (components packaged separately), partially installed or as a fully installed, configured and tested system.

Dettagli tecnici

42U 600 x 1000 mm, IP20 server cabinet, air blanking panels, grey (RAL 7035)
OnLine UPS, 3000VA/2700W, 12V/9Ah x6 battery,8x IEC C13, 1x IEC C19, LCD
Power cord, IEC60309 32A plug, with 3x6,0mm 2x3m cable, open end other side
SNMP card
Slide rails for UPS units
IP protection class: IP20
Color: light grey, RAL 7035
Type of cooling: Passive cooling
Depth: 1000 mm
Front door: Steel door, perforated, single opening
Maximum electrical load: 3kW
Inch dimension (IEC 60297): 482.6 mm (19")
Units: 42
Load capacity: 1000 kg
Environmental monitoring: Environmental monitoring
Mounted: yes
Metered Power Distribution Unit (PDU): yes
Cabinet type: Server cabinet
Width: 600 mm


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