HZS-100E Planet Sensors

HZS-100E Planet

HZS-100E Planet


Z-Wave Wall-mount PIR Motion Sensor (ETSI-868.42MHz)

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Model: HZS-100E

Home Automation and Smart Home Control

The HZS (Z-Wave Sensing Device) series of PLANET Home Automation product family, based on Z-Wave technology, provides the advanced security system that protects your home and family 24/7. Easy operation and flexible configuration are the attractive features of our system; the simple one-touch button lets you program your regular settings according to your preference and operation mode. Worked with PLANET HAC-1000 Z-Wave Home Automation Control Gateway, you get the all-round and reliable home security services that we offer. Our full range of product lines ensure that you get all the devices you need for your home security system.

Motion and Temperature Detection

PLANET HZS-100 is a Z-Wave wall-mount PIR motion sensor that monitors movement and sends Z-Wave™ signal when movement is detected. With its built-in temperature sensor feature, the HZS-100 will send the signal out when temperature inside the building changes.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3

Via the Cloud Home App (including Home Automation Controller Pad and Control Gateway): Press Inclusion/Exclusion to include/exclude Z-Wave device.
On the Z-Wave device: Press the Pair button to establish a connection with the control gateway.
Users can enjoy and manage Z-Wave network right away.

Real-time Alarm

Alerts like use of electricity, home alarms and more can be brought to your notice without delays by way of cloud hosting. From now on, you can maintain your home security no matter where you are.


With PLANET HAC-1000 Z-Wave Home Automation Control Gateway, your home is securely protected. It allows you to turn on/off the attached appliance or electronic device wirelessly by using Z-Wave protocol remote control. You can manage your home environment by applying the HZS-100 PIR sensor for motion detection and temperature monitoring. Moreover, you can control this innovative automation system from wherever you are, at home or abroad, using the touch screen of your iOS or Android phone, thus making your home a smart one.

Features and Benefits

  • Z-Wave 500 series module inside
  • Wall mount mechanism
  • Auto switch-off delay time settings
  • 120-degree motion detection
  • Detects changes in movement via infrared technology
  • Tamperproof protection
  • Low-power consumption for long battery life
  • Battery capacity detection (with the HAC-1000 Control Gateway)
  • Temperature report (with the HAC-1000 Control Gateway)
  • App and control pad alerts for any situation (with App Cloud Home and HTS-1000P Control Pad)


Hardware and Network

Z-Wave Frequency: Europe: 868.42MHz
Installation Height: About 2 meters
PIR Detecting Distance: 3~10 meters
PIR Detecting Angle: 120 degrees coverage
LED Indicators: Movement detected (red)
Operating Range: Up to 30 meters in open space
Delay Time Adjustment: 1~255 minutes
Installation: Wall mount, indoor use


Power Requirements: CR123A 3V
Operating Temperature: -15 ~ 40 degrees C
Operating Humidity: 0 ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Weight: 75g
Dimensions (W x D x H): 84 x 62 x 50 mm
Emission: CE, FCC