LN501-868M Planet LoRaWAN

LN501-868M Planet

LN501-868M Planet


Outdoor IP67 LoRa Node Controller - EU868 MHz. (RS332, RS485, GPIO and Analog Input, Rechargeable, 2 × 2550 mAh battery with solar panel, external DC 5-24V input)


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SKU: 119336

Model: LN501-868M

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 Feature-rich Sensor Hub for Connecting Sensors

PLANET LN501 is an outdoor LoRa node controller used for data acquisition from multiple sensors. It contains different I/O interfaces such as analog inputs, digital inputs, digital outputs, serial ports and so on to simplify the deployment and replacement of LoRaWAN networks. The LN501can be easily and quickly configured by NFC or wired USB port. For outdoor applications, it provides solar or built-in battery power supply and is equipped with IP67-rated enclosure and M12 connectors to protect itself from water and dust in harsh environments.

LoRaWAN-based Controller with Rich Industrial Interfaces

The LN501 is LoRaWAN compatible and is with built-in multiple industrial interfaces to connect to all types of sensors, meters and other appliances. It also bridges Modbus data between serial and Ethernet network via LoRaWAN. The LN501 supports LoRaWAN class A and C protocol to be in full compatibility with standard LoRaWAN gateways including PLANET LCG-300 series.
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • GPIO
Analog Input
The LN501 is ideal for large-scale IoT application deployments, such as projects for building automation, smart metering, HVAC system, etc. With multiple interfaces, PLANET LN501 can perfectly help retrofit legacy assets into IoT enablement.



  • Easy to connect with multiple wired sensors through GPIO/AI/RS232/RS485 interfaces
  • Long transmission distance up to 11km with line of sight
  • Waterproof design including IP67 case and M12 connectors
  • Solar powered and built-in battery (optional)
  • Quick wireless configuration via NFC
  • Compliant with standard LoRaWAN gateways and network servers


Wireless Transmission

Technology: LoRaWAN
Technology: LoRaWAN
Frequency: LN501-868M: IN865, EU868, RU864
LN501-915M: US915, AU915, KR920, AS923
Tx Power: 16dBm (868)/20dBm (915)
Sensitivity: -137dBm @300bps
Work Mode: Class A, Class C

Data Interfaces

Ports: 2 × GPIO
Logical Level: Low: 0~0.9V, High: 2.5~3.3V
Work Mode: Digital input, digital output, pulse counter
Serial Port:
Ports: 1 × RS232 or RS485 (Switchable)
Baud Rate: 300~115200 bps
Protocol: Transparent (RS232), Modbus RTU (RS485)
Analog Input: 
Ports 2 × Analog input
Resolution 12 bit
Input Range 4~20mA or 0~10V (Switchable)
Power Output: 
Ports: 2 × 3.3 V, 2 × 5/9/12 V (Switchable)


Power On & Off: NFC, power button (Internal)
Configuration: PC software (via USB Type C or NFC)

Physical Characteristics

Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C
Ingress Protection: IP67
Dimensions: 120.1 × 120.1× 55.4 mm
Power Connector: 1 × M12 A-Coded Male Interface
Power Supply: Solar powered + 2*2550mAh battery backup + 5-24 VDC
Installation: Desktop, Wall mounting

Standards Conformance

Regulatory Compliance: CE, FCC

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