VGW-810FS Planet VoIP Gateway

VGW-810FS Planet

VGW-810FS Planet


8-Port SIP VoIP Gateway (8 FXS)

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SKU: 115684

Model: VGW-810FS

High Quality yet Affordable for All Businesses

PLANET VGW-810FS enterprise-class 8-port SIP VoIP Gateway provides added flexibility during migration to Unified Communications by supporting the traditional analog devices. These devices include analog phones, fax machines, modems, voicemail systems and speakerphones. 

Features and Benefits

SIP Applications

  • IETF SIP RFC3261 compliance
  • 8-line FXS connects to analog phone set or PABX
  • ITU-T G.711 A-law, G.711 μ-law, G.723.1 and G.729 voice coding
  • In-band / out of band DTMF (RFC4733, RFC2833 / SIP INFO)
  • Echo cancellation exceeding ITU-T G.165/G.168-2002, up to 128ms tail length

Internet Features

  • SIP DDoS attack prevention 
  • Supports NAT and Firewall
  • Supports DHCP server / client 
  • Supports VLAN and QoS: DSCP, TOS (RFC 791, 1394)

Call Features

  • Supports peer to peer dialing
  • Supports STUN NAT Traversal
  • Supports Black list and White list
  • Caller ID recognition DTMF and FSK
  • T.30 Transparency, T.30 Bypass, and T.38 fax
  • Multi-party conferencing, call forward, call waiting, hot-line call, DND (Do Not Disturb) and alarm clock



WAN: 1 x 10/100BASE-TX RJ45 port
LAN: 1 x 10/100BASE-TX RJ45 port
Voice: 8 x RJ11 connection (8 x foreign exchange Station)
Telephone Wire Transmission Distance: < 1000 m
Connectors: One console port
Two 10/100BASE-TX RJ45 Ethernet ports
Eight RJ11 ports
DC power jack
Weight: 732 g (with package)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 250 x 150 x 45 mm
Power Requirements: 12V DC, 2.0A

Protocols and Standard

Data Networking: TCP/IP, UDP (RFC 793/768), RTP/RTCP (RFC 1889/1890), ARP, FTP/TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, ICMP, NTP/SNTP, DHCP Server/Client
Static IP
PPPoE Client
DHCP Server, LAN port
DHCP Client (RFC 2131), WAN port, NAT Server (RFC 1631)
SIP DDoS attack prevention
QoS: DSCP, TOS (RFC 791, 1394)
VoIP: IETF SIP RFC3261 compliance
Primary and secondary SIP server to automatic switch
Voice coding: ITU-T G.711 A-law, G.711 μ-law, G.723.1 (5.3K/6.3Kbit/s), G.729 and auto-negotiate with call agent
Echo cancellation exceeding ITU-T G.165/G.168-2002, up to 128ms tail length
10 ~ 180ms adjustable delay jitter
DSP gain can be adjusted, -5dB ~ + 10dB
In-band / out of band DTMF (RFC4733, RFC2833 / SIP INFO)
Integrate heartbeat function
Supports active and standby call agent
Supports VGW series expanding (One master and two slaves)
Support local polyphonic ringtone
Supports call routing and digit map
Supports caller ID, DTMF and FSK
Supports Dial route IP; calls between two VGWs is supported without a SIP server
Supports multi-party conferencing, call forward, call waiting, hot-line call, DND (Do Not Disturb) and alarm clock
Supports high/low speed fax/modem. T.30 Transparency, T.30 Bypass, and T.38 fax
Management: Multilingual Web user interface
3 levels of user access right with password protection with a different Web language (administrator, supervisor and user)
Configuration backup/restore
Reset to factory default


Operating Temperature: -10 ~ 50 degrees C
Operating Humidity: 10%~90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Emission: CE, FCC

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