ANT-FP14AD Planet Antennas

ANT-FP14AD Planet

ANT-FP14AD Planet


5GHz 14dBi Flat Panel Dual Polarization Directional Antenna


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SKU: 115660

Model: ANT-FP14AD

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 PLANET ANT-FP14AD is a 5GHz 14dBi Flat Panel Dual Polarization Directional Antenna equipped with two N-Type Female connectors. The ANT-FP14AD can increase wireless signal coverage and improve signal strength and quality for the current wireless environment. As the ANT-FP14AD can effectively enhance the performance and coverage of the 802.11a/n 5GHz facilities, it is quite suitable for outdoor wireless LAN applications, such as point-to-point connection between the warehouses.
The ANT-FP14AD Dual Polarization Directional Antenna can operate in both vertical and horizontal polarization. The dual-polarized antennas are perfectly helpful for 802.11n devices in multithreaded communications. This enables the wireless device to transmit data on one polarization and receive data on the other polarization simultaneously. Obviously, all the networking equipment in the wireless network must be multithreading complaint. It thus brings users the advantage that multithreaded communications can be achieved with use of only one antenna instead of two independent (and opposite polarized) antennas.


PLANET ANT-FP14AD 5GHz 14dBi Flat Panel Dual Polarization Directional Antenna, with its compact housing and lightning protection system design, can be flexibly installed in any outdoor wireless environment to meet today’s wireless LAN requirements, such as wide wireless signal coverage and improved signal strength and quality.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to extend wireless coverage of 802.11a/n devices at frequency of 5GHz
  • Intergrating two polarities into one antenna helps to reduce cost of deployment
  • 14dBi high-gain antenna
  • IP55-rated case
  • Compact-sized housing and lightning protection system design
  • Built-in two N-Type female connectors
  • Easily-extended, point-to-point wireless coverage


Frequency Range
Frequency Range: 5.15 ~ 5.85GHz
Max. Gain: 14dBi
Antenna Type: Uni-directional, flat panel
V.S.W.R.: <1.5
Polarization: Horizontal and vertical (dual [polarization)
HPBW/Horizontal: 30 degrees
HPBW/Vertical: 30 degrees
Input Impedance 50Ω
Connector: N-Type (female) x 2
Environmental & Mechanical Characteristics
Survival Wind Speed: Greater than 150mph
Temperature: -40 ~ 70 degrees C
Humidity: 95% @ 55 degrees C
Radome Color: Grayish-white
Radome Material: ABS, UV-resistant
Dimensions (W x D x H): 228 x 15 x 228 mm (connector excluded)
Weight: 550g
Waterproof Rating: IP55
Mount Type: Pole Mount


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