ANT-SE17AD Planet Antennas

ANT-SE17AD Planet

ANT-SE17AD Planet


5GHz 17dBi Dual-Polarity Sector Antenna


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Model: ANT-SE17AD

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 Boost Long-range Wireless Coverage in Point-to-Multipoint Networks

PLANET brand-new Dual-polarity Sector Antennas feature 2x2 MIMO technology with 17dBi high-gain signal sensitivity and 90-degree sectorial coverage, and are equipped with two N-type female connectors. They are perfectly helpful for 802.11n and 802.11ac outdoor wireless access points in multithreaded communications as they offer a maximum throughput of 300Mbps or 866Mbps for long-distance Point-to-Multipoint coverage and wireless applications.
As the ANT-SE17AD can effectively enhance the performance and coverage of the 802.11ac 5GHz environment, it is also quite suitable for outdoor wireless LAN applications, such as point-to-point connection between the warehouses.

Fast and Space-saving 2x2 MIMO Antenna

The MIMO sector antenna enables the wireless device to transmit data on one polarization and receive data on the other polarization simultaneously. It thus brings users the advantage of having multithreaded communications with use of only one antenna instead of two independent antennas.

Tough Outdoor Installation

The new MIMO Sector Antenna is housed inside a rugged and weatherproof IP67-rated radome UPVC enclosure, and thus can withstand any harsh weather conditions. They come with adjustable angle brackets for adjusting the coverage angle from 0 to 10 degrees.


PLANET ANT-SE17AD Outdoor 5GHz 17dBi Dual-Polarity Sector Antenna, with its optimized dimension design, can be flexibly installed in any outdoor wireless environment to meet today’s wireless LAN requirements for full-day operation, such as wide wireless signal coverage, and improved signal strength and quality. The ANT-SE17AD Dual-Polarity Directional Antenna is perfectly helpful for 802.11ac devices in multithreaded communications. This enables the wireless device to transmit data on one polarization and receive data on the other polarization simultaneously for PtMP function. Obviously, all the networking equipment in the wireless network must be multithreading complaint.
To commit itself to the wireless long-distance connectivity, PLANET Wire-Free system provides a variety of antennas, cables and other accessories for 5GHz ISM band applications where more RF gain power is required to increase the convergence of the installations in the wireless state.

Features and Benefits

  • 2x2 MIMO  dual-polarity sector antenna
  • Powerful gain of 17dBi  and frequency of 5150~5850MHz 
  • Half-power beamwidth (H: 90 degrees, V: 7 degrees)
  • Transmittance distance of up to 5km
  • IP67 rating
  • 2 N-type female connectors


Frequency: 5150-5850MHz
Antenna type: Dual-polarity Sector Antenna
Gain (dBi): 2 x 17
Front-to-back ratio (dB): ≥23
Input impedance (Ω): 50
Isolation between ports: ≥28dB
Cross-polar ratio: ≥15dB@0 degrees
≥10dB@+/-60 degrees
Sidelobe suppression for first sidelobe above horizon: 15 dB
VSWR: ≤2
Beamwidth angle: Horizontal 90 degrees
Vertical 7 degrees
Maximum input power (W): 200
Lightning protection: DC grounding
Input connector type: 2 N-type female
Dimensions (H xW x D): 580 x 114 x 54 mm
Antenna weight (kg): 3
Mechanical tilt angle: 0 ~ 10 degrees
Mounting hardware (mm): ¢35 ~¢90
Rated wind velocity (m/s): 60
Operating temperature: -40 ∼ 60 degrees C


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