CB-QSFP4X10G-3M Planet Managed

CB-QSFP4X10G-3M Planet

CB-QSFP4X10G-3M Planet


40G QSFP+ to 4 10G SFP+ Direct Attached Copper Cable (3M in length)


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SKU: 115198

Model: CB-QSFP4X10G-3M

Bisogno di aiuto?

  PLANET CB-QSFP4X10G-1/3/5M is a 40G QSFP+ to 4 10G SFP+ Direct Attached Copper Cable (1/3/5M in length), which is designed to work with PLANET products with a 40G QSFP+ interface to provide a cost-effective interconnect solution for merging 40G QSFP and 10G SFP+ enabled host adapters, switches and servers. Each QSFP-SFP+ splitter cable features a single QSFP connector (SFF-8436) with a data rate of 40Gbps on one end, and each of the four SFP+ connectors (SFF-8431) has a data rate of 10Gbps on the other. The CB-QSFP4X10G-1/3/5M can be inserted into PLANET switches with a 40G SFP+ interface, such as XGS-6350-24X4C.

Features and Benefits

  • Connector A: One QSFP 40Gbps Connector (SFF-8436 Compliant)
  • Connector B: Four SFP+ 10Gbps Connectors (SFF-8431 Compliant)
  • Economically Links up a QSFP port with an Upstream 10GbE-SFP+ Switch
  • Protocol agnostic support of 40GbE, QDR InfiniBand, SAS & Fiber Channel
  • Robust zinc die-cast SFP+ & QSFP connectors with pull-to-release latching
  • Bridge the gap between your 10G and 40G capable switches/host adapters
  • Up to 10.3125Gbps transfer rate per SFP+ channel (40Gbps in total)
  • Fully compliant with the latest SFP+ & QSFP MSA (Multi-Source Agreement)
  • Designated form factor and electrical compliance for QDR InfiniBand


Connector Type: QSFP+ and SFP+
Data Transfer Rate: 40Gbps
Length: 3 meter
Operating Temperature: -5 ~ 75 degrees C


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