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Video Signal Surge Protector


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Model: FL-BNC

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FL-BNC video signal surge protector is designed by IEC61000-4-5 and ITU-TK20&K21 standard. It adopts multilevel protective circuit, gas discharge tube and semiconductor discharge tube etc. which has quick response, low residual voltage output and excellent transmission performance. It adopts standard BNC as its interface which is easy to use and suit for all video signals lightning protection in coaxial cable transmission. FL-BNC signal lightning protector is designed and manufactured on the principle of discharge, limited current, clamping, stabilivolt. When signal wire gets an overvoltage and overcurrent shock, it will put lightning power or its jamming signal into the ground. Overvoltage restriction enables electrical equipment to operate safely within allowable range. This product adopts metal housing and good sealing, which has anti-dust and anti-corrosion function. It is connected and installed between protected device and coaxial feeder in series that can restrain high voltage pulse on the wire to prevent backend device from being damaged by lightning and industrial surge. It can be widely used in coaxial transmission devices like hard disk recorder, video monitoring device, thinnet and thicknet network line of trunk between buildings, CATV, public television, satellite television receiver and VOD (video-on- demand) system etc. to avoid overcurrent damage like induction lightning strike, power supply anomaly and electrostatic discharge introduced by system.


  • Support 1 coaxial cable BNC video signal input and output, and provide 5kA surge protection
  • Adopt multilevel protective circuit with quick response and low residual voltage output
  • Response time is less than 10ns
  • Applicable rate 10Mbps
  • Metal housing, great sealing, and resistant to dust and corrosion



Standard: IEC 61000-4-5, ITU-TK20&K21
Interface quantity: 1 video signal input and output
Nominal discharge current In: 5kA (8/20µs simulated lightning waveform)
Maximum discharge current Imax: 10kA (8/20µs simulated lightning waveform)
Nominal operating voltage: 5V(other special voltage is customizable)
Limited voltage Up: ≤30V
Applicable rate fg(3dB): 10Mbps
Insertion loss: ≤0.5dB
Response time: ≤10ns
Interface form: BNC, N(16)
Characteristic impedance: 50Ω or 75Ω
Rackmount protection line: 9, 12, 16, 24 (optional)

Power Supply / Power Consumption


Environmental Limit

Operating temperature: -20~60℃
Storage temperature: -25~85℃
Relative humidity: 5%~95% (no condensation)

Physical Characteristic

Housing: metal
Dimension (W x H x D): 86mm×25mm×25mm
Weight: 70g




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