FST-802S50 Planet ethernet to Fiber Converters

FST-802S50 Planet


10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX (SC, SM) Smart Media Converter-50km

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SKU: 115538

Model: FST-802S50

Distance Extended with Fiber Optic Cable

PLANET FST-80x Smart Media Converter series provides media conversion between 10/100BASE-TX and 100BASE-FX interfaces, such as multi-mode ST/SC connectors (2km), single-mode SC connector (15/35/50km) and single fiber connector using the wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) technology (20/60km) to enable to extend links over long distances using fiber optic cable.

Enhanced Smart Management Features

The FST-80x series provides auto MDI/MDI-X on their TP port and store-and-forward mechanism to eliminate faulty packets. Use the DIP switch from the FST-80x to configure the available smart functions, such as the half/full duplex, auto-negotiation / force and 10/100Mbps options for TP and fiber interfaces. Besides, the Link Loss Return (LLR) and Link Loss Carry Forward (LLCF) functions can immediately alarm network administrator once there is a media link issue, thus helping to monitor the status of the entire network.

Easy Installation

The FST-80x series can be connected easily and cost-effectively as these smart media converters can be used as a standalone unit when powered on by its DC adapter, or used as a slide-in module connected to PLANET 19-inch, 16-slot web smart/managed media converter chassis (MC-1600MR/MC-1600MR48 and MC-1610MR/MC-1610MR48). When working with the web smart/managed media converter chassis, the status of the FST-80x can be monitored via the local RS-232 console and remote web interface.


Standalone and Centrally-managed Media Converter Installation

PLANET FST-80x adopts the advanced media conversion technology to meet the demand for today’s growing networking. It provides a diverse choice of fiber connecting types to meet different network applications. It is very flexible for the FST-80x to work as a standalone device or to be installed in the central web smart media converter chassis for centralized management, which supports hot swapping to avoid network downtime. The FST-80x is ideal for building a network solution of FTTH (Fiber to the Home) or FTTC (Fiber to the Curb) and FTTB (Fiber to the Building) for ISPs, campuses and enterprises.

Features and Benefits


  • Complies with IEEE 802.3, 10BASE-T, IEEE 802.3u, 100BASE-TX and 100BASE-FX Ethernet standards


  • One 10/100BASE-TX port with RJ45 connector
  • One 100BASE-FX port with ST/SC/WDM connector supporting multi-mode or single-mode fiber optic cable
  • Auto-negotiation and auto-MDI / MDI-X for 10/100BASE-TX port

Layer 2 Features

  • Back-pressure and IEEE 802.3x compliant flow control and full wire-speed forwarding rate
  • Link Loss Return (LLR) switch on each fiber optic is to aid in troubleshooting remote network connections
  • Link Loss Carry Forward (LLCF) works with LLR in diagnosing network connections

Smart Management

  • Provides DIP switch for setting fiber ( HDX/FDX), UTP ( auto-negotiation / manual), speed (10/100Mbps), duplex mode (half/full), LLR ( disable/enable), LLCF ( disable/enable)
  • Manageable through web smart/managed media converter chassis system (MC-1600MR/MC-1610MR series)


  • Used as a stand-alone device or works with web smart/managed media converter chassis for up to 16 converters with redundant power supply for optional expanding use
  • LED indicators for converter status
  • Choice of fiber-connector from ST/SC/WDM, multi-mode/single-mode fiber
  • EMI standards complies with FCC, CE class B


Hardware Specification

Standards: IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T
IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX and 100BASE-FX
Copper Port: 1 x 10/100BASE-TX port, auto-negotiation, auto-MDI-MDI-X
Optical Port: 1 x 100BASE-FX
Fiber Connector: SC / Single Mode -- 50km
Optical Wavelength: 1310nm
Maximum Launch Power (dBm): 0
Minimum Launch Power (dBm): -5
Receive Sensitivity (dBm): -35
Maximum Input Power (dBm): 0
Speed: Ethernet: 10/20Mbps for half / full-duplex
Fast Ethernet: 100/200Mbps for half / full-duplex
Maximum Forward Packet Size: 1600Bytes
DIP Switch: 
DIP-1: Fiber full / half duplex mode
DIP-2: Copper forced mode / auto-negotiation mode
DIP-3: Copper speed 10Mbps / 100Mbps
DIP-4: Copper full / half duplex mode
DIP-5: Fiber LLR (Link Loss Return) enable / disable
DIP-6: Fiber LLCF(Link Loss Carry Forward) enable / disable
LED Indicator: System: PWR
Power Input: DC 5V, 2A
Power Consumption: 6.2 watts/ 21 BTU (maximum)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 94 x 81 x 26 mm
Weight: 0.22kg
Cable: 10BASE-T: 2-pair Cat3, 4, 5 UTP cable, up to 100 meters
100BASE-TX: 2-pair Cat5 UTP cable, up to 100 meters
-50/ 125μm or 62.5/ 125μm multi-mode fiber cable, up to 2km
- 9/ 125μm single-mode cable, providing long distance of 15/20/35/50/60km
Operating Environment: 0~50 degrees C, 5~90% RH
Storage Environment: -10~70 degrees C, 5~90% RH
Emission: FCC Class B, CE mark

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