KVM-KC1-5 Planet KVM Switch

KVM-KC1-5 Planet


5M USB KVM Cable with built-in PS2 to USB Converter


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SKU: 115769

Model: KVM-KC1-5

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PLANET KVM-KC1-1.8/3/5 Cable connecting your PS/2 computers to your KVM switch determines the quality of communication between the CPUs and the KVM switch. Our custom-made cables are designed to provide the highest signal capacity with the lowest signal loss. This important technology produces the highest quality video output, even after long-distance transmission or in the most electronically noisy environments such as server cabinets. Planet's premium custom-made KVM cables guarantee optimum signal integrity for high-grade server needs. The keyboard and mouse cables are made of double-sealed 28-gauge wire and are neatly wrapped with a heavy-duty video cable for simplified connections.


KVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse) switch cables allow you to connect your computers to a KVM switch
Cascade Operation: By cascading to 8/16 KVM switches, up to 64/256 servers can be controlled.

Features and Benefits

  • PS/2 type or USB type with VGA
  • Shielded coaxial VGA cable supports clear image
  • Ferrite cores design for signal filter and anti-interference


Connect KVM: 1 D-sub port (15 female)
Connect PC: 
Keyboard: PS/2 female + USB type A female
Mouse: PS/2 female + USB type A female
Video: 1 D-sub port (15 female)
Length: 5M
Weight: 0.33kg


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